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Casa-Britannia (Castillejar, Spain) consists of a house divided into three apartments. The guest apartment and owners apartment are accessed at ground level. However, because the building is on the side of a hill the rear of the apartments appear at first floor level. Underneath these apartments is a further apartment (presently under renovation) the garden and the bar. The swimming pool area is one further terrace lower still.

A holiday here is generally more suited to adults who want a relaxing time, easy going but also fun. The village roads are mostly hilly and narrow, there are also fairly steep steps down to the swimming pool so it is not well suited to younger children the infirm or disabled. There is a nice bar/community space that is available for residents to use on an ‘honesty’ basis.

Castillejar is situated 766 metres above sea level on the edge of one of Europe's only officially designated deserts. The town is a very rural one which mostly consists of farmers. There are not many UK residents and certainly no 'kiss-me-quick' culture. Crime is very rare. The village has half a dozen bars, three small supermarkets (closest the 'Spar' about 200 metres) two banks, a chemist, two butchers and a few other shops. The bars here still supply free 'Tapas' (a little 'snack') with each beer or wine. A beer in the local bars will cost around 1.20€.

The weather here from April to September is normally very good with plenty (‘almost’ guaranteed) sun. June to August can be very hot, however, a good book in the shade, a cold beer and a dip in the pool does wonders!

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